Putting DAs in their place

Stakeholders in the development industry have identified many and varied issues requiring legislative repair of the 40 year old Environmental Planning and Assessment Act. Our vision is for a qualitative development approval process, based on place definition and envisaging through community involvement. Development applications will be considered as part of the place in which they stand.

  • Shift from State-wide standard development controls to place-based policies and merit based decisions.
  • Provide an agile system to meet the challenges of climate change, housing supply, increasing urban density and technological advances.
  • Prepare qualitative statements of desired future character (DFCs) accompanied by planning and controls policies to provide a guide for designers and applicants.
  • Ensure each land parcel in the State‚Äôs digital cadastral base has its own set of development management objectives and controls.
  • Provide for the State to be satisfied that the development control system is appropriately delivering on the objectives of State strategic plans.
  • Form working groups of communities, council officers and consultants to play an important and productive role by identifying defined places appropriate DFCs and controls.
  • Move the Land and Environment Court to an inquisitorial system.

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  • Restore community trust and involvement in the NSW planning system.
  • Make the planning system more efficient, understandable and transparent by adopting the latest digital technology.
  • Focus the planning system on achieving better places.
  • Provide an agile planning system better able to respond to climate change and technological advances.